Tomorrow is World IPv6 Day, Are You Ready?

It seems like the day has come. Finally, after lots of announcements and …promises, the day that IPv6 will be activated is tomorrow. It’s not a coincidence that the 6th day of the 6th month is chosen as the IPv6 start up day…

Big telecom providers and IT companies, including GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, YAHOO, XS4ALL, AT&T, TIME WARNER CABLE, FREE TELECOM will start provide their services in IPv6. The old protocol IPv4 will keep going on.

IPv6 is here to replace the crowded IPv4 protocol. The new version 6 has a lot of benefits as:

  • Larger IP Address Space
  • More Efficient Routing
  • More Efficient Packet Processing
  • Directed Data Flows
  • Simplified Network Configuration
  • Support For New Services
  • Security

The whole internet migration to IPv6 will be done in many steps. So, you don’t have to worry about being ready by tomorrow. But you may consider your new router supports IPv6.